Okinawa whale watching Recommended shop

If you participate in whale watching in Okinawa,Recommended shop is here.It is Marin House SEASIR.


It can respond in Foreign language!

Because,There are foreign language guide in SEASIR.SEASIR can respond in a foreign language.Also in reservations accepted in tour guide.

They can speak English,Chinese and Korean.This is very helpful.

Of course , also substantial contents of the whale watching tour.They explains the highlights and how fun of tour before the tour begins.

Even if condition is worsened by boat,They cared kindly us.Safely in people who ride for the first time a ship.

If you have booked in advance,they have free pick-up service only in Naha city.It is very helpful.People who do not have the movement means.

Okinawa whale watching is to Marin House SEASIR!

About Okinawa whale watching

From December to April every year,Humpback whales come to Okinawa sea from the Arctic Ocean.for child care and childbirth.

That season you can witness the figure of humpback whales in Okinawa.Okinawa is one of the leading whale watching point in the world.

About Marin House SEASIR

Marin House SEASIR is the diving shop in Okinawa , which was founded in 1983.SEASIR is Okinawa ‘s largest diving shop.They are a professional shop who knows a thing of the Okinawa sea.You can enjoy in peace.Because they know well that the sea.

Okinawa Kerama is famous in the world as a diving point.

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Okinawa Whale Watching – Marine House SEASIR


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